Digital Health Record Access for Parents

SchoolCare’s Digital Health Platform allows parents to access and update their children's health information from anywhere at any time.

Health communication and enrollment made easy

  • Real-time notifications
    Receive immediate alerts when your child visits the nurse or when their medication is running low.
  • Real-time health records
    Access your child’s health information online at any time— from visit histories and medication administrations to your child's downloadable emergency health card.
  • Easy health registration
    Make sure your school knows exactly how to care for your child. With SchoolCare, you can complete your child's health registration forms online from any device with the click of a button.

SchoolCare keeps health data secure

Our digital health platform adheres to HIPAA and FERPA privacy compliance regulations to protect health data and coordinate quality healthcare for our students and schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SchoolCare?
    SchoolCare delivers a unified Digital Health Platform to K-12 schools, parents, and healthcare providers so that student health information and insights enable convenient, quality healthcare for all children.
  • How does SchoolCare affect me and my child?
    As an official partner of your child’s school district, SchoolCare takes the registration forms that your district uses and digitizes them so you can fill them out online. You will not be asked to provide any information that your school has not asked for before.

    SchoolCare also connects parents to school nurses so you know what’s happening with your child’s health at school.

    This helps parents in multiple ways:

    • Know what’s happening in real-time. Receive instant notifications from the school nurse so you know what happens with your child’s health at school when it happens and access your child’s health information online anywhere, anytime.
    • Protect your student’s health information. Securely share your child’s health information with schools, sports teams, camps, and daycare programs—and add or remove access to these records anytime.
    • Save time. Skip filling out each form every year. Once information is on SchoolCare, you simply update the parts that change from year-to-year.
  • Who has access to the information in SchoolCare?
    Permission to access information is granted on a role-by-role basis. School nurses have access to all health information on file, while administrators, teachers, and coaches are granted information based on what they need to know as determined by your school district.
  • Is SchoolCare HIPAA/FERPA Compliant?
    Yes. Our systems are both HIPAA and FERPA compliant.
  • Why do you need my child’s pediatrician information?
    Having primary provider information on file helps nurses continue the care that a doctor recommends, and gives them access to the correct expert on your child’s particular health needs. This coordination allows children to stay healthy and get better faster.
  • Does SchoolCare provide health insurance?
    No. SchoolCare is not a health insurance provider. There’s no change in the way your school connects with other healthcare organizations just because they’re using SchoolCare. Schools use our technology to digitize the health information they usually ask for such as emergency forms, allergy information, and vaccination details. Some school districts may ask for health insurance information during the registration process, but it varies depending on the state where your school is located.
  • How do I add a child?
    If you are missing a child on your family dashboard, contact Provide your child’s full legal name, school name, district name, and date of birth. We will confirm your guardianship and then add the child to your account.

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