CareDox is now SchoolCare

A message from Brett Shamosh
(CEO of SchoolCare)
Every child should expect to become a healthy adult. This is what motivates our team, and our new company name reflects this mission. Welcome to SchoolCare!

Eight years under the CareDox umbrella led to many observations about the infrastructure serving pediatric health. Our most valuable learning is that the K-12 public school system in our country presents the ideal foundation to support our mission. We have updated and focused our business model, product offering, team, and culture to help the K-12 public school system coordinate convenient, quality healthcare services for our children.

We’ve been working with school nurses and health officials for many years and we know that they got into their field because they want to keep kids healthy. However, the state resources available to them are not readily apparent, are fragmented, and are not tailored to the needs of individual children. To be clear, key state health entities like Managed Care Orgs, Children’s Health Systems, and other community resources share school caregivers' mission to keep our kids healthy. But these entities often aren’t as familiar with the day-to-day.

SchoolCare connects these two key elements in childrens’ health – school-based healthcare and state-funded clinical programs – where goals and incentives are aligned but coordination is lacking.

We support these shared goals with the first truly unified digital health platform that securely connects student health information and insights with state funded resources to coordinate health services when and where they’re needed most.

We all want our children to be properly cared for early in life, so quality healthcare becomes an expectation for a lifetime. We look forward to building this future together.

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Brett Shamosh
CEO of SchoolCare
104 W 40th St.
Suite 1030
New York, NY 10018
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