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Pediatric Healthcare

Keeping your pediatric members healthy is priority #1, but it’s hard to prevent bad outcomes without consistent visibility into a child’s health events and access to parents/guardians.

We partner with K-12 school nurse offices across America, providing real time insights on your members directly from our school based EHR. We track social determinants of health, mental health, physical health and COVID-19 status so your health plan can effectively intervene to improve health outcomes and quality performance while preventing unnecessary costs. We even help you close the loop with up to date contact information and access to parents and providers through school-facilitated engagement.


  • Member Monitoring
    Daily access to your members’ SDOH, mental health, and physical health status, including up-to-date contact information, straight from the school nurses’ office
  • Risk Flags
    Near real-time risk flags of members with imminent risk so you can take action
  • Population Health Dashboard
    Actionable data visualizations to better understand and address your population’s needs


4 Steps to Better In-school Child Healthcare

Keep your child healthy with more opportunities for their overall wellness.
  • 1

    Child visits the school nurse with a potentially serious health issue

    “Julia has come to the nurse’s office three times this week with uncontrolled asthma symptoms. I’ve let her mother know and SchoolCare sent an alert to Julia’s Care Manager at her Medicaid health plan.”

    - Susan, School Nurse
  • 2

    Child’s Care Manager is notified about new health risks

    “SchoolCare sent me an alert about Julia’s asthma symptoms. I can help by reviewing the environmental factors in her home and helping her understand how to use her inhaler. This is all free for Julia and her mother.”

    - David, Care Manager at Medicaid health plan
  • 3

    Parent is contacted by child’s Care Manager with free programs and education

    Julia’s mom receives a message from the Medicaid Care Manager regarding Julia’s asthma. The Care Manager discusses free programs and education to help Julia stay healthy.
  • 4

    Child gets the care they need at the right time

    Julia’s mom enrolls her daughter in a free asthma management program offered by their Medicaid health plan. One month later, Julia’s asthma is improving and she has the skills to better manage her condition.


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